Monday, 26 July 2010

Larry, Hubby, and Moe

We were at a friend’s wedding recently, and Hubby’s best buddies were there too.  It was so cute, seeing them all together.  They’re like the three stooges, but more idiotic.  Larry, Hubby, and Moe.  

The whole day was filled with constant taunting and teasing and practical joking.  It was hilarious.  

Larry was taunted because his shirt was the exact same bright teal blue as some other guy.  Moe kept repeating a line from Seinfeld, when Kramer and Mickey are going on a double date and both want to wear the same shirt.  Mickey says to Kramer, “We can’t BOTH wear the shirt!  We’ll look like IDIOTS!”

Hubby teased Larry for refusing to eat his butternut squash soup and spinach salad.  And for thinking that Yorkshire pudding was actually pudding.  And for insisting on sneaking out at midnight.

Larry taunted Hubby for drinking his beer out of a glass.  And for spilling food on his 650-dollar pants.

When Moe went to the washroom, Larry shook salt onto his plate – piled high onto one little piece of cauliflower.  “More, more!” Hubby cheered.  There was so much salt that Larry had to spread it out with a knife.  Too bad that Moe didn’t eat his vegetables.

When Larry went to the washroom, Hubby rimmed his beer bottle with sugar.  The look on Larry’s face was priceless – surprise, mixed with disgust, mixed with confusion, mixed with laughter.

Later, Hubby offered to get Larry a beer.  “What kind?”  “Surprise me.”  Hubby got him the same kind he already had.  “I said surprise me!”  “That is a surprise – you weren’t expecting the same one...  Surprise!” 

After dinner they all danced like idiots.  Hubby hung his arm around Moe’s shoulder, with Moe’s arm around Hubby’s waist.  Hubby would lift his feet and Moe would spin in circles.  Hubby would paddle his legs while spinning – full-on stooges style – running in circles in mid air.

When the pub snacks came out, the stooges somehow decided that the pizza smelled like puke.  No, I don’t know why.  Well, sure I do.  Because they’re idiots.  “Welcome to the pizza puke corner” they said when I approached them. 

The three stooges were in rare form that night.  It was a ridiculous fun-fest.  Yuk yuk yuk. 

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